Dividend Income for June 2016

Dividend Income Report

Dividend income, it’s amazing! Seriously, as I progress further and further in my financial independence journey I become increasinly convinced that dividend income is what keeps me on course. Monthly savings differ and stock prices love irrational ups and downs, but dividends from established businesses are something you can count on – month after month. They’ve kept my eye on the ball in the past two years.

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The Experiment – Full-year Review

Review of cycling to work on a road bike after one year!

Yep, the road pictured above is actually part of my daily commute to work. It’s a beautiful stretch of green next to a relatively large lake in the car-free park of Tervuren, which also houses the Royal Museum for Central Africa. Now can you understand why I ride 32km to and from work every day? And that’s not even the best part: I’m getting paid to do so!

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