Achievement Unlocked: Receive an Award

Liebster Award

An award! Finally some recognition after all these hard years months weeks days of work! Apparently, the thoughtful Frugalwoods family is so impressed by the No More Waffles blog that they decided to nominate it for a Liebster Award. Insane right? Here is their truly wise and, if you ask me, batshit crazy statement:

This guy, in addition to being hilarious and quite knowledgeable, is Belgian! I could have easily listed Bruges or Brussels as my favorite places on earth. Belgian beer. Need I say more?

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How RollerCoaster Tycoon Taught Me to Enjoy Budgeting

RollerCoaster Tycoon

Being born at the end of the eighties I was one of the very first children to grow up with a PC in my room. I literally cannot remember there being a time in my childhood that my room was not filled with floppy disks, CD-roms and oversized monitors. When I wasn’t writing awful code for some application I thought was useful but hardly ever was, I played video games on my classic beige PC.

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My Head Start: the Belgian Education System

Why I have a major head start in the race towards financial independence

An often heard mantra on personal finance blogs is to get out of debt as soon as possible. Rightly so, debt can truly cripple someone’s ability to save in the long run. The most talked about type of debt, especially on USA-based blogs, are student loans to pay for higher education. Not only did my first reaction “how bad can it be?” immediately vanish when six-figure numbers popped up, my head actually started to hurt. Insanity! Because over $100,000 in debt just for a university degree is an inconceivably high amount to a Belgian, it occurred to me that I had a huge financial head start to many of my United States peers.

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