Best Writing of The Week, July 12

Best Writing of the Week

With the weekend just around the corner again, it’s time to look back at the best writing of the past week. With the advent of never ending news feeds and social media we have got all the information we could ever want at our finger tips, but finding in-depth and engaging reading material still is easier said than done. Here’s my top picks for this week!


I Save 85% by Deploying the Antibudget (First Quarter Finance)

A food budget of only $75!? Impossible! Not for Will Lipovsky, a 24-year-old saving over 85% of his after-tax income. In one of his latest articles Will explains how he maintains such a high savings rate rather consistently. What he calls deploying your anti-budget is basically evaluating the necessity of every purchase you make. A great read for people looking to get a handle on their spending.


A 0% Allocation to Fixed Income? (Dividend Mantra)

Another excellent article by Dividend Mantra, dividend growth investor extra-ordinaire who recently quit his job and became a full-time writer. The larger part of his reasoning is only applicable to the US, but the underlying logic contains some compelling arguments anyone aiming for financial independence should consider. He lists some of the very same reasons why I’m currently not interested in fixed income either.


Understanding Inescapable Truths About Yourself (My Alternate Life)

Sometimes you just can’t seem to change your habits, no matter how hard you try. I myself have difficulty accepting that, but Jordann of My Alternate Life has a different view: you shouldn’t fight innate aspects of your personality, but work with them. You’ll be a lot happier in the long run! And she is absolutely right.


Your Best Investment Ever Won’t Be In The Stock Market ( Luke1428)

Even though tons of people complain about their student debt, investing in yourself still is one of the best ways to spend money. There’s indeed no other way I know of that gets you an immediate and guaranteed return like self-investment! Brian from Luke1428 lists 14 great ways to invest in yourself and push yourself forward in life.


Un-Automating Your Finances Has its Place Too (Budgets Are Sexy)

J. Money is a big fan of not automating your finances, contrary to the preachings of many personal finance gurus. While automated payments and contributions to mutual funds might be a big help to most people, I am not one of them. I like being in control way too much. Be sure to check out J. Money’s two other arguments for un-automating your finances!


These were my favourite articles of the past week. Did you bump into anything that challenged your views or gave you a kick in the teeth? Feel free to share in the comments!


    1. No problem, Will! Great content deserves to be shared. I like that you write engaging articles that make people think. A lot of folks can learn from your technique!

    1. You’re welcome, really love your writing!

      I’m currently looking into dividend growth investing and the amount of resources on your blog help tremendously. I hope to figure out the tax side of things soon so I can get started with my multistage dividend rocket too.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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