Blogs I Like

Here I’ll keep a list of the blogs I follow because of their and insightful content and fun writers.

If you’re interested in financial freedom and would get down to business, I highly suggest you check out the three essential blogs below. They have been around for quite a while and as such provide a wealth of information on the entire financial independence journey.

The other blogs below are some of my favourite to read. Be sure to check these awesome people out as I’m sure you’ll enjoy them too.


The essentials

Dividend Mantra is seeking financial independence by living frugally and investing in dividend growth stocks

Dividend Mantra – Jason of DM describes himself as a passionate investor, writer, frugalist and fitness enthusiast. His inspiring posts about frugal living and dividend growth investing do indeed ooze with enthusiasm, which is no surprise since it allowed him to quit his full-time job already. Be sure to check him out if you want a fresh view on things!

Mr. Money Mustache teaches his Mustachians financial independence through badassityMr. Money Mustache – Retired in his thirties, Mr. Money Mustache is the living embodiment of his trademark “Financial Freedom through Badassity”. Great place for a face punch or two if you want to downsize your spending and start saving to buy your own freedom. Quite possibly the number one gateway drug for financial freedom.

A retired Physics PhD with a networth of 64 years worth of annual expensesEarly Retirement Extreme – ERE is run by Jacob, a retired astrophysicist with a networh of 64 times his annual expenses. After sharing his experience and way of life on his blog, he finally bundled all his knowledge in a book. If you want to learn how to push things to the limit and retire extremely early, this is for you.


Other blogs and folks I enjoy, in alphabetical order