Dividend Stock Analyses

Stock Analysis ReportsBelow you will find a collection of dividend growth stocks I’ve analysed in the past. I try to publish at least one report every month on high quality companies that consistently maintain and increase their dividend payments over time.

Most of the stocks below I consider to be the best dividend stocks around. There is, however, a slight bias towards European stocks. Please note that these reports are also very much a work in progress.

Because this list is organised alphabetically, bear in mind that some of my reports are outdated. Even so, these articles might prove a great starting point for your own analysis, which you should always perform when searching and selecting a company to invest in. Don’t take my or anyone else’s word for it.

If you’re looking for my most recent dividend stock breakdowns, please have a look at the stock analysis category.


Dividend stock analyses

Ticker Company name # Country Sector
ABI Anheuser-Busch InBev BE Consumer Defensive
BATS British American Tobacco £ UK Consumer Defensive
GSK GlaxoSmithKline £ UK Health care
HOMI Home Invest Belgium BE REIT
MUV2 Munich RE DE Financials
RB Reckitt Benckiser £ UK Consumer Defensive
ROG Roche Holding F CH Health care
FP Total FR Energy
ULVR Unilever €/£ NL/UK Consumer Defensive


If you are interested in a specific stock not listed above, you can always shoot me a note and I will let you know if the company is worth looking into. If possible I’ll even write an entire report on the stock and its dividend growth policy if any.