AB InBev (ABI) Stock Analysis: Belgian Brewer Gone Global

Stock Analysis for Belgium-based brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev

Belgium is probably best-known for its delicious nomorewaffles, chocolate, fries and beer – all food and drinks, I guess that tells a lot about us. Because I am a patriotic bastard I’d like to focus attention towards our rich beer heritage. Indeed, it should come as no surprise that the world’s largest brewer comes from humble Belgian beginnings. What’s more, brewer InBev sports a solid dividend history that many international dividend growth investors overlook.

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Munich RE (MUV2) Stock Analysis: An Assured Dividend Payment

Stock analysis on Germany's largest reinsurance company

With the Euro Dividend All-Stars list‘s coming of age it became clear rather quickly that one dividend growth stock isn’t like the others. There are companies that offer an attractive dividend growth rate to investors for a couple of years already, but then there are also the dividend mammoths. They boast decades of sustained dividend payments and increased returns to investors. Munich RE is one of those companies.

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Roche Holding (ROG) Stock Analysis: 28 Years of Dividend Growth

In Europe the name Hoffmann-La Roche is one of those company names that’s just as recognisable as Coca cola, Louis Vuitton or Adidas. Even before I first set foot in a McDonald’s restaurant – anyother one of those immensely recognisable brands – as a small child, I knew what Roche’s business was all about.  And you probably did too. It’s what sets Roche apart from other companies and what makes its 28-year-long dividend growth streak possible.

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