Best Writing of The Week, July 26

Best Writing of the Week

With the weekend just around the corner again, it’s time to look back at the best writing of the past week. With the advent of never ending news feeds and social media we have got all the information we could ever want at our finger tips, but finding in-depth and engaging reading material still is easier said than done. Here’s my top picks for this week!


How’s Life 2 Years After Early Retirement? (Retire by 40)

Joe from Retire by 40 left his corporate job behind two years ago and is fully enjoying his early retirement. While most early retirement blogs focus on the journey towards financial independence, few provide us with a glimpse on life after the rate race. Guess what? It’s awesome!


Habbits of The World’s Wealthiest People (Gimme Please)

Charlotte recently came across an interesting infographic via Forbes that she decided to share on her blog. If you want to know what the wealthiest people on our little planet are up to on a regular basis, be sure to check her post out. It’s actually quite interesting considering that most of them come from such different backgrounds.


How to Get Rich in Your First Year of Blogging (BrokeGIRLrich)

Melissa looks back on her first year of blogging. Even though blogging isn’t making her rich in the traditional sense, there’s a lot going on in the awesome personal finance community that really enhances her life. And I totally agree! You guys are one of the reasons why I also started blogging.


Stop Paying for Indolence (Impersonal Finance)

Ryan makes the top five list two weeks in a row! This time he explains why we should all stop paying for indolence. Why do we work hard to make more money, only to turn around and pay other people money so we don’t have to work hard? Do more things yourself!


Hate DIY but Love Saving Money? Here’s Your Solution (First Quarter Finance)

What makes the previous post extra great is that Will from FQF wrote something in a similar vein a day later. Contrary to most advocates of all things DIY, Will focusses on opportunity costs. If you save less by doing something yourself than you could have otherwise earned in the same time frame, you’re doing something wrong!


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


  1. Heyo! Thanks for the mention!

    I used to desire to do everything myself as people like Mr. Money Mustache advocate. But the fact is, my life would be pretty boring that way. There would be little time for adventure!

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