The Year 2015 in Numbers – Blog and Investing Stats

What’s more appropriate than a badass Donkey Kong, his buddy Diddy Kong, and trusty Rambi the Rhinoceros to depict the year 2015? Nothing in my humble opinion. DK’s smile, Diddy’s smug look, and Rambi’s forward-dashing stance clearly show how happy and satisfied I am with the progress I made this year and how dedicated I am to continue the same way in 2016. Also, it’s infographic time!

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8,000 Visitors and Over 1,300 Comments Later – 2014 Goals Update

Goal update for 2014's objectives

Right before the end of the year No More Waffles gets to host its 8,000th visitor! Because that’s a phenomenal milestone in my book, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who visited my blog since it went live on the 5th of July of this year. Thank you all for visiting, reading, commenting and generally supporting me in my journey to financial independence and early retirement.

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